Another Electric Gate Installation that we are really proud of. Anne St, Dundalk

Hi Folks, and welcome to another of our brief updates on Electric Gates in Ireland.
Today we completed another installation that we are really proud of. It is a set of hardwood gates on an alley-way entrance in Dundalk, Co. Louth.
The gates are over 3m in height (thats over 10ft in old money) and 2.5m wide.
We were replacing an old set of hardwood gates that had been there for over 70 years - this just shows how long a set of hardwood gates can last if they are properly looked after. The old gates were well rotted along the bottom and the lower hinges were just about rusted away.

The new hardwood gates are made as exact replicas of the previous gates and the hinges too as this is a listed building.

For the automation of these gates we had to use overhead motors as it was not possible to install underground gate automation due to the large granite plinth that runs along the threshold - directly under the gates.
We had to install a steel beam to carry the motors - which was difficult - due to the old red brickwork being quite soft and the mortar joints being lime cement and quite weak - but we managed it regardless.
As the entrance is quite narrow and the gates must open back tight against the wall - we had to consider the safety aspects. Our customer has small children and we had to consider that they might at some point be playing behind the gates. If there gates were opened by remote control from the outside - the children may not move to safety quickly enough. To prevent any accidents, we installed edge protection sensors behind both gates. If a child or any obstacle comes between the opening gate and the walls behind, the gates will immediately stop and reverse.
As the wind blows very strongly onto the gates we installed an electric lock to prevent them rattling in the wind - and also as an added security feature - to prevent any unauthorised access.
The electric gates are operated by remote control and from a switch inside the house.
Most automated gates would normally take 14 seconds or so to open - with this gate automation installation we managed to open and close them in 6 seconds - which is amazing - and still nice and smooth operation. this is an added benefit as the street is extremely busy with large volumes of traffic -especially at school times as there is a school only a few doors down the street.
The gate look terrific now - even before the builder has completed the site work. I will add another picture in a few weeks when the building work is completed and the gates are varnished.
Thanks for reading. Talk to you again soon.