Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland Car park barriers

Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland are normally installed to control the flow of vehicles into and out from car parks.

Automatic barriers can be installed in public or private car parks to control who can access the parking.

It may be used to collect revenue from users. Car parks may be privately owned by businesses.

Some car parks are for staff use only and an automatic barrier can keep the public out.

You may also want to install an automatic barriers Dublin Ireland to control who can access your private car park. (I'm sorry if this reads a little unusual but the location is added for a reason!). Privately owned caravan parks and camp sites also install automatic barriers in Ireland.

We have installed the automated barriers in private car parks for businesses such as shops. Also for doctors surgeries, veterinary practices and camp sites across Ireland from Donegal to Cork. They choose to install the automatic barriers Dublin Ireland to reserve their parking for their customers and staff.

This is happening more frequently as local councils charging for street parking. This makes free parking in private car parks attractive. You probably don't wanto to be providing free parking for non customers!

Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland Northern Ireland Downpatrick College

Automatic car park barriers Dublin Ireland installed at a haulage yard in Dublin Port.

Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland car park barrier Dublin Ireland

Automatic car park barrier Dublin Ireland installed at private car park in Rathmines

Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland Automated car park barrier Dublin Ireland

Automated car park barrier Dublin Ireland installed at a haulier's distribution yard in Dublin Port

Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland can be used across road openings of up to 10m in width. This would be an unusually wide road width at 10 m. Entrances into a distribution yard off a narrow road may be of this size.

We can now install Automatic barriers Dublin Ireland with a 3 year warranty - if maintained by us. Maintenance is a low cost way of making sure your automatic barrier remains operating safely and reliably for years.


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We have another associated business called AutoSpin Ireland. Here is a link to that site. We manufacture and install car turntables for driveways and for business car parks to make turning a car or a van easier. If you drive into a tight car park a car turntable can spin your car around. This will allow you to drive back out. Some businesses install them to make it easier for customers to park. Or to get delivery vans back out onto the road safely.