Automatic Gates Dublin Electric Gates Any Water Damage?

Hi, This week it looked as though winter had announced its arrival. 10cm of rain fall was measured in Dublin on Monday alone. I'm sure there was as much and more in other parts of the country too.

So how do Electric Gates fare in such conditions?

Well if you have swing gates and you have over-ground gate automation installed - rams or articulated arm operators, or a sliding gate - then the rain and flooding possibly does not bother you - unless the water level rises up to the level of the motors - in which case you probably have more to worry about than just your automatic gates.

If you have underground gate automation then you may have more to be concerned with. Most good makes of underground automatic gate systems are waterproof to IP67 - which means that they can continue to operate if immersed temporarily in water. The motors are completely sealed and as long as your automatic gates have been installed properly by acompetent electric gate installer, then you should have nothing to fear.

However, as we have plenty of evidence to prove that competent electric gate installers would appear to be a bit thin on the ground, and properly installed underground electric gate systems as scarce - there is good grounds for concern.

The symptoms of an underground gate automation system that is in trouble is one that causes the trip (mcb/ circuit breaker) on your fuse board to trip off when it rains, one or both of the gate motors moving more slowly than it used to or has become noisy, or a control panel that blows a lot of fuses.

If your electric gate falls into the problem category above, then give us a call and we will look at it for you for a free inspection and test.

We Auto Gate Ireland repair all types of electric gate system regardless of type or who installed it.

Hope the rain doesn't cause you and your families too much misery.

Thanks for reading