Automatic Gates Dublin from Auto Gate Ireland

Automatic Gates Dublin. Auto Gate Ireland have been installing electric gates in Dublin for over 10 years - actually we started in business on our own in October 1999 so it is 12 years exactly. When we started out electric gates were rarely found outside the wealthy areas. Today since the equipment prices have come down dramatically, automatic gates are found in all parts of the country - even in schools.
As well as becoming more popular, the equipment has become much more reliable also. Automatic gates were once quite unreliable in their operation, were problematic on windy days and were often easily damaged.
Today although the equipment is much more reliable and robust - they continue to have a sometimes poor reputation for reliability. This unfortunately is not always the equipment - but more often the installers fault. Yes there are several brands of equipment that despite their claims of reliability and long warranty's are still quite unreliable - and I wouldn't install them for someone even if they asked me to.
But back to those bad installations.... Unfortunately each week we ge called out to between 4 and 8 repairs on equipment that we did not install. The original installers will not answer the phone to the customer - or claim not to be "in that business" any more - convenient!
Yes we do very occasionally get called out to repair one of our own installations - but they are thankfully extremely rare. the last time we had one was about 3-4 months ago when a customer we installed an electric gate for nearly 3 years ago called us to tell us that their gate would not close. We discovered that it was the control panel. A triac (a component) on the board had failed - so we replaced the control panel free of charge - as our equipment vendor covers the equipment for 3 years for component failures. The cost of the repair was at our expense because that is the service that we sell.

Auto Gate Ireland are proud of the automatic gates that we install, we want to provide an honest and reliable service to all our customers. We are a family business so each and every customer is extremely important to us and we will always remain thankful for their business, courteous to them their family and neighbours and responsive to their calls should they need our help.