Automatic Gates Dublin Ireland – Hardwood Electric Gates Ireland

We are really proud of all the  Automatic Gates Dublin Ireland that we make and install for our customers. You may also know them as Electric Gates Dublin Ireland

But some gates hold a special place in our hearts. I am especially proud of these gates - you can find them on Foster Ave in Dublin, Ireland.

These electric gates in Dublin are made from a hardwood commonly known as Teak. However the true name of the timber is Iroko.

Although many people refer to Iroko as Teak - Teak is actually an endangered species of timber. It can only be got with a special import licence and is hugely expensive due to its scarcity. True teak would now only be found in very expensive furniture. You would certainly not find it in gates.... So sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks they have teak gates...

We are completely honest and open about the timber that we use - so all our customers are made aware upfront of this difference.

Back to the gates! Automatic gates Dublin Ireland are our speciality. As are electric Gates Dublin Ireland.

These automated gates are automated with an overground electric gate system as it has greater leverage to open and close the gates in windy conditions - as opposed to an underground electric gate system that is mounted at the bottom of the gate and also acts as the bottom hinge on the gate.

The pedestrian gate has an electric lock installed to enable it to be opened from the intercom from inside the house. We are specialists in High Quality Electric Gates Dublin Ireland


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Automatic gates Dublin Ireland made from teak in Dublin Ireland

Hardwood Automatic gates Dublin Ireland. Electric gates Dublin Ireland made from teak hardwood

Automated Hardwood Gates Dublin Ireland and Pedestrian Gate with Electric Lock installed on Foster Ave in Electric Gates Dublin Ireland

Hardwood Automatic gates Dublin Ireland installed on Foster Ave in Dublin Ireland. These are swing automatic gates Dublin Ireland