Automatic Gates in Corofin, Co. Clare

On Thursday last, Ryan and I set off to install a new set of driveway gates and pedestrian gate in Corofin, Co. Clare. We manufactured the gates and are fitting them along with the gate automation. The driveway is 4.5m wide - wider than normal, but the gates are at the end of a narrow lane, so the wide entrance is required to swing in. The gates were wrought iron, galvanised and powder coated black. They were also sheeted for privacy. The sheeting was 1.2mm steel sheeting. We don't get many requests for wrought iron gates to be sheeted - and thankfully so too. One leaf of the gate must have weighed over 300kg as we really struggled to handle it. I had forgotten how much weight the sheeting adds to the gate. Given the weight of the wrought iron gate it is easy to see why electric gates can be a good idea. Automatic gates were once a luxury, but now they are the norm if building a new house in Ireland these days. When we arrived we started by installing the gate automation. Each of our vans are self sufficient. We have a generator/welder in each, so we don't need to pull extension leads into the house. We mix the concrete (fast setting) on site. I really don't understand tradesmen or business who go out to do a job and don't have all the equipment required. I would be embarrassed to ask a customer for a lend of something. If you are not properly equipped and prepared then you are not professional. The underground casings for the electric gate system we use are galvanised. This prevents them from rusting in the ground and pro-longs the life of the entire system. We install a drain to the bottom of each of the casings. This means that in the event of heavy rain, the foundation casings of your automatic gates do not become drains for your driveway and fill with water. The underground electric gate systems that we use are IP67 rated - which means that they are waterproof. The automatic gate system that we installed for this customer was a heavy duty one. It has the capacity to carry 800kgs per leaf. While you might think that this is overkill, given that the gates only weigh aprox 300kgs, you must consider wind loading and that fact that these are 6ft high and fully sheeted. After all this installation is in the west if Ireland and they will take a bit of a battering during their life. On the day that we completed the installation, (Monday), we arrived to a light drizzle of rain. There was heavy clouds overhead and this soon turned to torrential rain. Given that we were so far from home -nearly 4 hours drive) we had no option but to put on the wet gear and work on in it. I heard someone say on the radio that there was no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing. Sure a wee bit of rain never hurt anyone??? Ahh-choo! Anyway, by 4pm on Monday we were finished and the customer was really pleased with the results. Thank you Mr Peter Miller, if you are reading this. Regardless of the weather conditions, if the customer is happy, then we are happy. What ever it takes, that's how we do our business. Talk to you soon. Thanks for reading. Adrian