Automatic Gates in Newry

Are you thinking about getting Automatic Gates in Newry ?

I know this can be a bit of a boring subject to some people, but I'm a bit of an automatic gate nerd!
Have you been spending time with Google and searching for Automatic gates in Newry or automatic gates? Well, you're in the right place for a bit of friendly help or advice.

What should you consider when searching for automatic gates in Newry?

The first question I would ask is - are you looking to automate an existing set of gates? Or are you looking for a new set of gates and automation?
don't be mislead by anyone who tells you that you have to replace your existing gates. You can add automatic gates Newry (sorry but I want to provide location relevance) to any existing gate - assuming that it's in reasonable condition. If it is barely hanging or it's little more than rust held together with paint, then it is time to replace them.

We can automate just about any existing gates. From the very small (I think the smallest set of driveway gates I've ever automated were about 6 feet in width) to the very largest (the biggest set of gates that I can remember automating was a 12m wide by 3m high sliding gate at a big potato farm, just outside Dublin.

If you're looking for new automated gates - then the world is your oyster! (Well, budget dependent!!)

if new electric gates, then think forst about the type and style of gates that you would like. Then try to picture this new style of the gate in your driveway. (I can help you with this if it is hard to imagine... If you send me a picture of your existing driveway, and a photo of the style of gates that you would like - I can edit the new gate into your existing driveway n the photo. It just helps you get a better idea of how the new gate will look and let you see in advance if it is gong to suit your home or not!
Wooden or metal gates?

This depends on your own tastes and the setting.

If you would like a riendly, helpful chat about your future gates - then feel free to give me a call on 07855 781433 or fil out a contact form by clicking here

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Wikipedia has a page about automated gates if you are interested in reading more?


Telescopic Automatic sliding gate

A telescopic automatic sliding gates is made up in several sections

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