Automatic Gates made easy

Why do consumers of electric gates (other products also, but my expertise is in Automatic gates) decide to go with a company and brand of equipment that has (in my estimation) a poor reputation for quality. Three weeks ago a potential custom called me to measure up their drive and give them some ideas for an automatic gate and wrought iron gates. this is a customer in south county Dublin, in quite a prosperous neighbourhood (as our american cousins put it). From talking with him for a while I knew that quality and security were the over-riding priorities - no problem there, our automatic gates are very high quality at a very competitive price.

At the time, I had explained that the lead time on the electric gates was going to be 3-4 weeks - mostly due to galvanising and powder coating the wrought iron gates. I gave him a call this afternoon to follow up on the quotation and he told me that he needed the gates in a hurry and ordered them from a company who I know have a woeful product. I was told the decision was not price - but lead time - they can install them next week??? If you have lived without gates at your home for several years, what is another 3 weeks? And if someone can turn them around in a week does that not ring alarm bells? Galvanising and Powder coating can not be done in a week especially in the same week as the gates are being fabricated... I wish him well anyway. I hope he is not being stung too badly.

Today I did four electric gate repair calls. the first was in Meigh outside Newry. the other three in Dublin. All in Blackrock. The first in Newry was and electric gate that had been installed nearly four years ago. the automatic gate wouldn't open or close and had been that was for a few days. It stopped all of a sudden. Slugs in the control panel. The next electric gate repair as on Carysfort Ave, Blackrock. A ditec underground system. One leaf of this hardwood automatic gate would not open. The gearbox on the motor has ceased. Maybe it has gotten a bump but we will have to try and have it re-conditioned. It has never been serviced in the five years since installation. It took me an hour and a half to remove the motor as all the bolts had ceased. The last two gates were in Ardagh Ave in blackrock. One next to the other. ame builder and same bad installation. Neither automatic gate has ever worked. The builder had the gates hung incorrectly and the motors can't move them due to the position. He obviously did not read the manual. The electric gate systems that he installed were probably bought of ebay as no-one stocks them in Ireland. I had to get a control panel for one of the automatic gate systems a few weeks go and it took for weeks for it to be delivered from England. We now have to cut the gates off the pillrs and re-hang them in the correct position. Life woud have been so much easier if the builder had called in someone who knew what they were doing...

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