Automatic Rising Bollards

I received a call from a property management company today who want to put automatic bollards in front of one of their properties in Wexford. This is not a problem. We have installed automatic bollards in pedestrian areas, pedestrian streets and to control parking in private carparks. This customer wants to install them in a busy shopping street to prevent vehicle access to a pedestrianised street. their main concerns are safety and access for emergency service vehicles. The safety issue is around the automatic bollards rising under a car, either stationary or passing above it. This is an easy one to solve. We simply install a sensor around the perimeter of the automatic bollard say a meter in all directions. Once the sensor picks up a vehicle, the bollard immediately stops rising and drops back down. The second concern is to allow access to the area for emergency vehicles. this an be done by placing a transponder in the emergency vehicles, providing sfficient remote key fobs or providing a break-glass switch near to the bollard. The simplest option is the break glass. The only downside to this is the possibility of vandals breaking the glass on their way home from the pub at night. We have placed automatic rising bollards behind electric gates for private customers and businesses in Dublin and Newry. The automatic bollard placed behind the automatic gate provides additional security against the gate being forced open with a jeep. the automatic bollard goes down flush with the driveway before the electric gate begins to open and only goes back up after the automatic gate is fully closed.