Barriers and Bollards

Barriers and Bollards

In addition to automatic gates, AutoGate Ireland supply market leading automated barriers and bollards

Security is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our environment, from car parks and public facilities to pedestrian zones and residential area. To meet the needs of modern living, the effective management of traffic requires a system that is secure, yet attractive and inconspicuous.

Automatic Barriers

At AutoGate Ireland we specialise in the supply & installation of automatic rising barriers up to 6 metres long and sliding barriers of up to 20m long.
Automatic barriers have a long aluminium beam (ususlly red and white) which is hinged on a totem which contains the motor and control equipment.

When access has been requested the barrier rises up to allow access to the vehicle.
There are different typed of barriers to suit different applictions.
High speed, heavy duty to control the flow of traffic through a motorway toll.
Slower speed and less intensive duty equipment is less expensive and more suitable to lighter duty applications where low trafic volumes are involved.

Automatic Bollards

In public spaces – barriers and gateways can be intrusive, implying closure and containment but at times offering inadequate resistance to the very determined.
Bollard systems however, combine strength with discretion, creating an open and secure environment and sending the right message to the right people

AutoGate Ireland offer static, manual telescopic and automated bollards, each effective in individual localised situations and a powerful security system when used in unison to protect large, complex domains.

Our automatic bollard systems can be remotely controlled by reception or security (or by the home owner), or by an intelligent access control system.

Automatic Barriers – where are they used?

Automatic rising barriers are frequently installed to control access to public carparks (at hospitals, shopping centres and universities, etc.) and on private premises (business parks, haulage and distribution depots, etc.)

Sliding barrier systems are used where there is a need to provide security for vehicled within a complex – for example a distribution depot. This will not prevent unauthorised entry by pedestrians (gates and a fence should be used to do this) but will prevent loaded trucks from being stolen.
The sliding barrier prevents the trucks from being used as battering rams to break through gates.

Automatic rising barriers are not ususlly installed as a means of securing a site – more so to control the flow of vehicles in and out of a site. For example to prevent unauthorised parking or prevent trucks leaving a warehouse cmplex without having their loads checked.

Automatic Bollards – where are they used?

Bollards – both manual and automatic – are used to prevent accidental or deliverate damage to buildings by vehicles, or maybe to prevent vehicle access to pedestrian areas.
A homeowner may wish to add additional security to their driveway by having a bollard installed behind the gates to prevent them being rammed open.

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