Electric Gate Automation Installation in Newry Co. Down

Home and business owners becoming more conscious of theft and break-ins and with that they are looking to improve the security of their homes and premises.

After installing an alarm, the next means of adding a physical deterrant is to have electriac gates installed.

Today we are installing electric gate automation to an existing gate on a hauliers yard in Newry, Co. Down. The business owner has recently had his premises targeted by theives taking truck parts, bateries and other steel items - probably due t the high price of scrap metal.

There was already gates in place at the entrance to the haulage yard - but they were always left open as the entrance is on a busy road. They were never closed becauls the truck drivers would have had to stop on the road to open and close the gates manually - blocking the road and possibly causing an accident.

When we are finished today, the gates will remain closed and can be opened by remote control key-fob or by using the GSM gate controller that we are installing. The GSM gate controller will allow any of the drivers to dial the number of the gate from their phones when they are a few hundred meters from the gate. By the time they arrive at the entrance gate, the electric gate automation will have the gates fully open and they can drive in. Twenty seconds after the truck enters, the gates will be closed automatically and locked.

GSM gate controllers will also allow the business owner to open the gates from his home or even while on holiday if he needs to.

There are many benefit to having electric gate automation added to your new or existing gates - improved security being only one of them.