Electric Gate Installation and Repairs Newry

Electric gates are really popular for private homes in Newry - as they are in all parts of the country. The problems that people have with their automatic gates systems in Newry are exactly the same as those experienced elsewhere - and the causes of those problems are exactly the same.

What are those causes? The main causes of problems with electric gates are due to bad installation. Believe it or not we have repaired a lot of one particular brand of electric gate system in the Newry area (Newry, Warrenpoint, Rostrevor, Camlough, Meigh, Mullaghbawn, Forkhill, Crossmaglen) - that were installed by the same individual - and all with the same set of problems. 8 or 9 systems in a little over a year - that to me is a lot - considering they are all by the same guy.

I will spare the guy the embarrassment of naming him - but he is an electrician - and he should know better than to leave these installations in the manner he does. He probably is a reasonably good electrician - but he should stick to what he is good at.

Water and insects are the two greatest problems with electric gate systems. Water can make its way into the underground motors and insects can make their way into the control panels of automatic gate systems if not properly installed.

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