Electric Gate Repairs in Dublin

Today was a very busy day. On the road at 6.30 and very tired. Mornings come round way too quickly.

The order of the day was to be, Fairview, Dublin first to a day care centre for autistic adults. The intercom cable had been damaged somewhere during the building work that is on-going. I spent 2 hours with one of their facilities guys earlier in the week but we couldn't trace the damage - only knowing that the cable to the intercom  from the main building had been cut through and had to be replaced.

I thought that we would need about 2.5 hours to do this, but with all the traffic in the centre car-parks and alot of pedestrians it took almost 2.5 hours just to get a track cut in the tarmac of the carpark to lay the new cable. All told we did not leave until shortly after 1pm.

No time for lunch - had to eat it on the road on the way to the next job.

Off to Christchurch in Dublin city centre. Here we had to replace a ram on one leaf of a car park gate at a hostel/shelter. The gates and existing gate automation were over 10 years old. One of the hydraulic rams had been accidentally damaged and was beyond repair.

I had already discussed the options and costs with the centre manager on a previous visit and he opted for replacing the hydraulic ram with an electro-mechanical ram.

Hydraulic rams are suitable for gates that open and close very frequently - as hydraulic gate automation can operate continuously.

Since this carpark has only 10 parking places and is used infrequently, and electro mechanical ram is sufficienty. It is equally strong and reliable - but the frequency of operation is about 30 cycles per hour versus about 80 for hydraulic.

It took us just over an hour to change the gate automation and re-program the control panel to adjust the timings.

Next stop was Harolds Crossroad, Dublin 6 west. This customers electric gates were jamming upon opening. They have just had some building work completed and he thought that the builders may have moved the gates slightly. When we got there I could see that one of the pillars had dropped slightly - therefore the gate had dropped too. We were able to make some adjustments to the hanging of the gate and correct for the mis-alignment that was causing the gates to jam. These were really nice replicas of Georgian wrought iron gates. Gates working perfectly and customer very happy, we moved onward across the city of Dublin.

Next stop at 3.30pm was at a new build on Mount Anvil Road, just up from Foster Avenue, Stillorgan / Mount Merrion (don't ant to annoy anyone about their address). We will be automating and new set of hardwood gates for the builder here in about three weeks time and we needed to get the cabling in to allow the builder to put down the tarmac on the driveway and plaster the backs of the pillars. It took us about an hour and a half to drill the pillars and install the cables and leave everything tidy. These gates will look really impressive when they go up. I'll add a picture when they are done to let you see.

Next stop home. Have to be home in time to get my little lady to bed and read her a story. That's the best part of my day...

Ta-ta for now. thanks for reading.