Electric Gate Repairs – the right way

This morning I went on four call-outs for repairs - all in Dublin. The first was at a private home in Foxrock. The gates were not opening reliabily and often not closing properly. In this case it was not the electric gate automation at fault, but rather the gates them selves. The gates were fully sheeted wooden gates and may not have been painted or sealed in a few years. They had been installed with little or no gap between the two leaves and when the wet weather returned, the gates would swell up and expand - tightening the gap between the two. The timber around the hinges has rotted away and the gates are in dange of falling in the high winds. We now have to quote for replacing them. The second job i went to this morning was a private residence with an electric sliding gate in Dundrum. The gate would not operate and had to be manually opened. On investigation the motor has burned out. This can be easily tested with a meter. A sliding gate motor has two windings (one to open and one to close). If you do a continuity test across the windings and there is a dead short, then the motor is burned out. In this case the gate is 16m long and quite heavy. the motor that had been installed was quite small, so probably only capable of carrying 200-300 kgs. I believe the motor burned out through over-work - it just was not fit to operat the gate of that size. We would never sell an underpowered electric gate motor to a customer, as we provide a 2.5 year warraanty on each of our installations, and any failure would be at our expense. The third call was to a bi-parting sliding gate in Walkinstown, Dublin. The motors had not been set up to operate as a synchronised pair, and now while one closes the other opens and vise versa. Also the gates are in quite a bad state of repair with alot of play in the mechanisms. I also had to inform the customer that since they are a public location and the gates are at the front entrance, that they should be aware of the new legislation regarding the use of safety edges on automated sliding gates. (If you would like more information on this point about the safety edges, please emailme and i will be happy to email you a report that explains the regulations regarding automatic gate safety. email me at Adrian@AutoGateIreland.com The last call for repairs was to hostel in Christchurch in Dublin 8. The automated swing gate at the carpark entrance was automated using a pair of hydraulic ram opeators. One of the rams had stopped working. The first thing i noticed was the trace of hydraulic oil on the ground - so I checked to make sue that there was adequate oil in the ram - there was. Next to check that there was the expected voltage levels on the motor 2 connections of the control panel - there was. Next i tested the windings of the motor and her is where the fault is. The morot on the ram had failed. I gave the customer the option of replacing the ram with new one, or re-conditioning the existing ram, replacing the ram with a re-conditioned unit or lastly, the one I recommended, replacing the ram with an electro mechanical model. Thse are more-reliable and come with a 3 year warraty. We quoted for all of the options, so i hope to hear back tomorrow if we got the job. We are stll really busy with a bit of a back-log of work to clear. We have a couple of exhibitions coming up in October in Dublin and Belfast so i hope to have cleared the back log by the end of the month. Talk to you again soon. thanks for reading. Adrian