Electric Gates for You! and Well Done Dublin

You are the most important person to us - our customers. Because with-out you we wouldn't have a business. So if you are reading this and are not already one of our beloved customers, we welcome you to browse through our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if there something we may be able to hep you with. For those of you who are already our customers, we thank you for your valued business. And if there is anything that you think might improve our service we would really love to hear from you. Well would you install automatic gates? As different as we all are, you will have different reasons for wanting to install electric gates. You might want to keep strangers and callers away from your door. Having an automated gate at your driveway will certainly keep callers away from your door and allows you to turn unwanted callers away more easily at the gates - rather than being confronted by them at your door. You might see the addition benefit to your home security. We have several customers who have high walls around their property and with high sliding gates they not only have privacy, but excellent additional security - as the only way in is through the gate when it is opened. But even a low wall is a great deterrent when a gate is closed. You may want to keep your children or pets in the garden or yard. A closed automated gate will not be opened by a child - or an adult without the use of the remote or access code - so it keeps them safe from the road and from strangers. Security gates are an added line of defence for your home or business. You will benefit from easy to use automation. You will be able to open and close the gates from inside your car at the touch of a button. Security, safety and privacy are probably the main reasons. If you have another reason for having automatic gates installed - we would love to hear from you. the best reason will win a one night break in the Tullylagan Country House Hotel for two. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading Adrian