Electric gates Newry

Electric gates Newry

Are you looking for electric gates Newry? Do you want to automate your existing gates or are you looking for new gates and the gate automation? We can help with both.

Electric gates Newry - Easy to Use

You probably don't want to make life any more complicated than it has to be. Electric gates may appear to be complex, and some people may want you to believe that they are. The most reliable gate automation is almost always the simplest solution to a fairly simple problem. There are many different types of gate automation available - just have a quick read through the last 10 or so blog posts that I've written about the different types of electric gates available.

Electric gates Newry - Safe and Easy to Use

If you are worried that automatic gates could be dangerous - worry not. Yes there has been some bad press in the past where badly installed gates have hurt (and in a few cases killed).
Modern automated gates, properly installed, have a number of safety features included to prevent injury. Features such as obstacle sensors - which immediately stop and reverse the direction of a gate - should it meet with any obstacle in it's path. Torque limiting - means that the force applied to the gate, by the gate automation, is set to a low level. just enough power is provided to move the gate, but not enough to physically harm a person. Infra red sensors are used to prevent the gates from closing against a parked or passing vehicle (or person).

Automatic Gate Newry - Reliable and Secure

One of the biggest concerns that I'm sure you have is - are automatic gates reliable. Yes they are. I know that you've seen lots of automated gates left lying open, and you've possibly heard horror stories about gates not opening when the power is off.
Most automatic gate equipment is reliable. All of the equipment that we use is really high quality. It's a little more expensive - but we all know that you get what you pay for... There are others who sell the low quality, cheap equipment - but every piece of hardware we install has a 3 year warranty.


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