Product Information

Product Information

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We use equipment from FAAC, Key Automation, V2 and Fadinni.
These are the leading gate automation equipment manufacturers and all equipment is made in Italy.

GSM Gate Controller

A GSM Gate Controller allows you to open your gates with a mobile phone or landline phone.
just ‘sped-dial’ the number for the gate and it recognises you as an authorised user – and the gate is opened.
there are no call costs for using this system as the call is rejected as soon as the system recognises you caller number.

The advantage of this system is that you can open your gates from anywhere in the world – where-as a remote control keyfob will only work up to a max of 100m.

The GSM gate operator can be added to any automatic gate system already installed.
So if you like the convenience that this system please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This page has the technical material relating to all of the equipmenty that we supply and install. However, for fully hydraulic systems, each system is built completely bespoke and therefore the product information for these installations will not be available to the public. Please contact us if you require further information.

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