Hardwood Automatic Gates for Dalkey Electric Gates Dublin

Auto Gate Ireland to the rescue. About six months ago I received a call from a gentleman in Dalkey Dublin who had recently moved into a nice new home.

He told me that his gates were broken and would we have a look at them and repair if possible. Gate repairs to all types of gates is a large part of our business.

Electric hardwood gates, automatic timber and steel gates, wrought iron security gates. Any automation to any gate and any repair. Thats what we do.

Anyway, when we arrived the gates looked really well from a distance - grey painted wooden gates with a stainless steel trim. But up close it was a different story. The owner thought that maybe the gates had been damaged - look at the picture below. The gates were actually made from mdf not hardwood - maybe the guys who made the gates originally could argue that they were made from a hard-wood - but they certainly are not hardwood.

The gates were badly water damaged and had swelled substantially.

The automation used on the gates was quite poor to begin with but were badly installed. The gate automation had pulled out of one of the gates. The type of electric gate system used was an articulated arm system - which is ideal for solid gates like this - but like all electric gate systems  it must be properly installed.

At the time we repaired the gate, but informed the owner that it was only a matter of time before he would esperience further trouble because of the mdf. In case you don't know mdf is a little like a very dense thick cardboard material - and when it gets wet the material swells and disintegrates. Imagine what happens to a cardboard box when wet - exactly the same.

Six months on and we are now going to replace the gates with new mahogany gates. This time when were were called to help - the automation had broken too. So in addition to replacing the gates, we are to replace the automation too. We are also installing access control to the pedestrian gate in the form of an intercom link with the main gate, electric locks and digital keypad for pedestrian access.

We have started work on the new hardwood gates in our workshop outside Dundalk. We hope to be replacing the gates in under three weeks from now so i will post some pictures of the new gates when we hang them.

Thanks for reading