How do Automatic Gates work

How do Automatic Gates work?

There are several different types of electric gates.

The type of system to be used will depend on the type and size of gate and how the gate is to operate. There are several types of systems for gates which swing open on the pillar or gate post. And there are various sizes of systems for gates which slide from side to side to open and close.

Swing Gates

Gates which are hinged on pillars or posts are referred to as swing gates. They may open inward or outward – depending on the individual site. Swing gates may be automated using and underground or a pillar mounted (overground) system.

Underground systems have the motors installed below the gates at the pillar in foundation boxes. The gate actually rests on this foundation box. The motor is connected to the gate by a series of levers which are hidden from view within the box. The only thing you can see is the lid on the top of the foundation box which is level with the surronding ground.

Pillar mounted or overground systems are to be found mounted on the back of the pillar, in the inside of the gate. Pillar mounted systems come in several forms; Rams or linear operatore and articulated arms. the choice of pillar mounted system will depend on the aplication. We would normally use articulated arms on wrought iron gates and rams on wooden gates (where a pillar monted system is required)

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates may run over a foundation track or a cantilever system. A foundation track will be installed across the width of the driveway and extent the same distance again to the side of the pillars (on the side to which the gate opens). Rollers on the bottom of the gate run over the foundation track – just like a train on rails. A cantilevered gate is used where a track across the drive or entrance is not wanted or is not possible (for example on a sloping or uneven driveway).

Sliding gates are operated by a motor and gearbox which are installed n the inside of the gate behind the pillar (so that it is out of view). the motor engages with a toothed track on the back of the gate to provide the traction to move the gate. There are different sixes of motor to cater for the various weights of gate. We have sliding gate motors which vary from 300kgs to over 4000kgs (4 Tonnes).

There are just so many benefits from installing electric gates that everyone who owns a home with a drive should strongly consider installing a set. You can improve your home security, your family’s safety, make life easier and add to the value of your home at the same time.

The number one benefit is security:

  • a good set of electric gates completes your security perimeter and can be a significant deterrent to the opportunist burglar, car thief or vandal.
  • Electric gates also keep out other unwanted callers and door-to-door salesmen and allow you to decide who enters your property. They also keep out stray dogs and cats and prevent them damaging your garden.
  • Comfort and convenience is the major benefit. It is so simple to open your electric gate using a remote control without having to leave your car. Ordinary gates are often left open because it is just too much trouble to manually open and close them every time you pass through your drive, especially if the gate is large and heavy.
  • Providing safety for children and pets is very important. Children can be kept safely on the premises with electric gates. They can be set up to close automatically after they have been used so you don’t need to worry that you have left them open and allowed your children or pets to wander out.
  • Finally you may be able to benefit from a lower insurance rate. Some insurers may offer discount for enhanced perimeter protection.


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