Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

An intercom is the system that allows you to communicate with visitors at your gate or door.
An intercom system is usually thought of as part of the electric gate automation system – but in fact it is a separate system in it’s own right

Intercom systems come in several formats – wired or wireless; audio or video & audio, colour video or black & white video.

What type of intercom?

As we mentioned above, the intercom systems come in various formats.

An audio intercom will allow you to speak to and hear the visitor at the gate.
Inside the home you will have a handset (almost like a phone) with a speaker and microphone. Outside the gate there will be a similar microphone and speaker (but they are fixed inside a metal box to prevent vandalism and protect from the rain). Pressing the call button on the intercom at the gate causes the intercom to ring in the house – alerting you that there is a visitor. You simply pick up the handset to talk to them.
A button on the handset allows you to open the gate from the house.


A video intercom is similar to the audio except that it allows you to see who is at the gate as well as talk with them.
The equipment inside the house has a little TV screen built into it, and the equipment at the gate has a camera built in.
The video is only one way -so this means you can see the visitor but they cannot see you.

Wired, Wireless or GSM Intercom?

Wired or wireless? what do we mean?

It’s very simple really. A wired intercom has a communications cable between the handset in the house and the call station at the gate. This cable is usually installed at the same time as the mains electricity supply is being installed for the gate automation system. If your builder thought to install the mains cable but forgot about a communications cable – don’t worry. Depending on the finish of the driveway and the route to be taken to the house (from the gate) we may be able to install a communications cable for your intercom.

Ideally you will want to have the intercom handset installed at a location in the house that is convenient for you to use – for example the kitchen or main hallway.

A wireless intercom does not have a communications cable between the handset in the house and the call station on the gate. The wireless intercom uses radio signals to pass the communication.
Wireless intercoms allow you the convenience of being able to carry the handset from room to room in the house – or out into the garden and still be alerted if someone calls to the gate.

Wireless intercoms are available as audio and video/audio formats. However the audio is more popular simply due to the pricing. Wireless video intercoms tend to be quite expensive to get reasonably good quality equipment.
Wireless intercoms have limitations in terms of the distances over which they can reliably communicate – and steep gradients on gardens or dense shrubbery can also reduce the range. We will be happy to do a free site survey and advise you on the options.
We not sell you something that does not suit your individual needs or specific situation.

A GSM intercom system is similar in operation to a wireless system – but without the range and interferance issues.

GSM intercoms have a call button, speaker and microphone – all enclosed in a metal enclosure at the gate. Inside the circuitary is similar to that of a mobile phone.
When a visitor presses the call button, the intercom equipment automatically dials a pre-pregrammed phone number (maybe your home phone or mobile number) and places the call to you.
You answer the call as you would any other and can speak with the visitor. If you want to open the gate – you simply press a key on the keypad of the phone (before hanging up) to tell the intercom to open the gate.
The visitor will not know whether you are at home or not unless you tell them.
This system is ideal if you have regular deliveries to your home or business while you are away.

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