Metal Gates Automated in Malahide Dublin

A customer in Malahide Dublin asked us to increase the security of their home. They had an existing manual wrought iron gate and the only way to make it secure was to put a chain and padlock on it at night. If they locked the gate like this then vistors could not get to the door. Security gates.

With the dark evenings returning they would now feel more secure if the gates were closed as soon as it gets dark - as they don't want to go out to chain it after dark. They wanted to know if their existing gates could be automated or if they would have to get new gates.

Our solution was to automate the existing gates. We did this by installing articulated arm operators on the back of the pillars. The motors are not visible from the front and the gates are closed and locked securely by the motors. The gate motors can not be forced open, yet they can be manually released by using a key if there is a problem.

As for the visitor issue - we installed a video intercom. The customer originally opted for an audio intercom - where they could hear and talk to the visitor - but as they can not see their gate from the house - they decided to upgrade the intercom to a video intercom - as they could then see, hear and talk to the visitor at the gate before opening the gates from the intercom.

In this case we also installed a battery back-up system that will allow the gates to continue to operate even if the electricity is off. This back-up system adds a little to the cost but provides priceless convenience if you find your self locked out or in if the power is off and you can't remember how to manually release the gates or can't find the keys.

Automatic electric gates are more and more popular because of the convenience, safety and security that they provide. Give us a call from a free quotation or just to discuss the options.