New Electric Gates for Embassy In Dublin

This week we installed a new electric gate system at on of the embassys on Clyde Road, Dublin.I don't want to disclose which embassy it was, but if you were passing through Clyde Road in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Tuesday or Wednesday you would have seen our van... customer confidentiality is as important to us as it is to our customers - so you will understand.

Maybe if they give us permission to publish a photo of our work there - we might even beable to mention which one it is - but until then...

The gates are heavy wrought iron - and they are the original gates to this Georgian building. The gates are really beautiful, but really heavy. Each leaf of the gates weighed aprox 400kgs - so it was a real struggle to man handle them.

The electric gate system that we used is an electro-mechanical system with a capacity of 800kgs per leaf - so it is a very suitable electric gate system for this installation.

The gates had previously been automated - i'm not sure who by, but they made one or two silly mistakes during the installation that meant that the automation only lasted for 18 months and has not operated correctly for the past two years (according to the facilities manager for the embassy).