Sliding Electric Gate Automation System

Sliding Electric Gate Automation System

When many people ask about a Sliding Electric Gate Automation System they just assume that there is a system that does the job and that's it!

It probable comes across as a bit boring when the details are explained, but here goes. There are a few facts that need to be considered when choosing a Sliding Electric Gate Automation System.

Heavy Teak Gate with Sliding Electric Gate Automation System

This is a Heavy Teak Gate with Sliding Electric Gate Automation System

The first thing to consider is the weight of the gate. The Sliding Electric Gate Automation System comes in a selection of sizes. They generally start off at a weight rating of 300 kgs and we have systems that are capable of sliding gates of up to 4.5 tons. For most domestic drive way gates, we would use a 600kg or 800 kg system for automatic a sliding gate. How do we decide on this? For the purposes of reliability, we assess the weight of the gate and double it. so for a gate that weighs in and around 400 kgs, we would use an 800 kg system. This means that the the motor is never going to be stressed - even when there is snow on the ground of debris in the path of the gate.

Another consideration is the frequency of use of the gate. Smaller 230v ac systems will have a duty rating of 40%. This means that they are only suitable for gates that will only be used a few times each hour.   Larger mains systems might have a rating of 60% when the motor has air cooling. 24v dc systems will have a rating of 80 to 100%. This means that they are suitable for continuous use. Oil bathed mains systems and hydraulic operators will be suited to high frequency use and are generally used for the very heavy gates.

Sliding gate safety is also another important consideration. There are several different methods of keeping a sliding gate safe to use. but we will look at that more closely in a separate article.