Telescopic Automatic Sliding Gates

Telescopic Automatic Sliding Gates

First of all, please allow us this little boast... We are the only company who make Telescopic Automatic Sliding Gates in Ireland, something that we are extremely proud of...

What is it?

Telescopic Automatic Sliding Gates is a sliding gate and more. A regular sliding gate moves to one side to open and is all in one piece. To open, it needs a space the same width of the opening, to slide back into.

What this means, is that for an opening of say 4m, the gate will need a 4m space to one side, to slide into, to allow the gate to open the full width. Quite often, the gate is sliding back along a wall or hedge.

Telescopic Automatic sliding gates

A telescopic automatic sliding gates is made up in several sections

However, what happens if our opening is 4m wide, but you only have 2.5 or 3m of space to slide it back into? If you had a 3m space - that would mean that your regular sliding gate would not be able to open fully (as it is a 4m wide opening and you only have 3m of space).

This is where you need to consider telescopic automatic sliding gates. The gate is made in two or more sections. Each section is linked to the next one. The principle behind the telescopic automatic sliding gates is that a gate for a large opening can be opened back into a much smaller space. For example, a gate for a 4m wide opening could comfortably be opened back into a 2.5m space. This gate would be made in two sections, with one section sliding into the space, and the second section sliding back behind the first.

We recently built and installed telescopic automatic sliding gates  which were in three sections. the opening was 4.7m and we slid it all back into a space of 2.2m wide.

The gate is called telescopic, because it opens out in the same fashion as an old fashioned telescope. The method of making the gate telescopic is  our closely guarded engineering secret. It's a bit like the formula for Coke! We just can do it!

We have a good number of them installed across the country in places such as Dublin, Louth, Cork and Donegal. the smallest one we've made and installed was for the 4.7m opening into a back garden in Blackrock, Co,. Dublin, and the largest was for a car park entrance in Louth with an opening of 15m.

All of our gates are custom made to suit your entrance - so any size and style can be accommodated.

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