Upgrade of Electric Gates in Walkinstown, Dublin

This morning we went to a community day care centre for people with learning difficulties in Walkinstown, Dublin to upgrade their automatic gates. The security gates for the driveway were right on the edge of a busy main street with fast moving traffic.

The electric entrance gates were a pair of sliding gates. The gates were installed several years ago and were supposed to operate together. If you imagine the the automatic gates are supposed to open back like a set of curtains and close together again and meet in the centre - well they did not. The electric gates were operated with remote control key fobs. One side of the electric gate would open immediately every time - the other automatic gate would open maybe every second attempt. For the staff, closing the electric gates was a bigger problem - the gates were not operating together properly and it would regularly take 30 to 40 minutes to get the gates to close properly in the evenings.

When we started working at the automatic gates we quickly found that the gates were operating on separate radio receivers and were not synchronised - they were operating as separate electric gates.

We made several modifications to the control systems and made one gate the master and the other a slave. One gate now controls the operation of the second gate - making them fully automated.

We also corrected the alignment of the two gates to make sure that they automatically close together properly every time.

Given that this automated entrance is very busy and lies on an extremely busy Dublin street, it is very important that the electric gates operate reliably for the safety of the users entering and leaving the site via the gate. Also as opportunistic crime like theft and vandalism are a huge concern for businesses in this part of Dublin, security is a big issue to consider.

For Walk with you in Walkinstown, Dublin, we have resolved the problems that they had with their automated security gates. We thanks them for their business and hope we can be of service to them again in the future when they need us.

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