Wheel Drive Gate Automation System

Wheel Drive Gate Automation System

Here's an unusual solution for your gate automation problem.... A Wheel Drive Gate Automation System.

So, what exactly is a Wheel Drive Gate Automation System and where is it used?

Well it's actually a very simple looking system. It makes use of a heavy motor mounted on the end of a gate that has a wheel attached to it. The weight of the motor keeps the wheel in contact with the ground, providing sufficient friction to move the gate.

Wheel drive gate automation system

Here is a picture of a Wheel Drive Gate Automation System. It's mounted on the end of a ranch style gate.

The motor and wheel are not bolted directly to the gate. Instead, they are mounted via a hinge like mechanism. This mechanism allows the motor and wheel to travel up and down by about 200mm (8" in old money). The reason for this is to allow for any uneven-ness in the ground as the gate opens and closes.

Why would you use a Wheel Drive Gate Automation System? After all a ram operator would do the same job? Well, yes it almost would, but there are certain installations where the Wheel Drive Gate Automation System has an advantage. If you had a long wooden ranch or farm style gate, like the one in the photo above. This type of gate is quite light in it's structure and therefore quite flexible. If it were automated with a ram operator or articulated arm automation system, there would be a tendency for the gate to "whip" a little as it moves. There would also be the opportunity for someone to spring at the gate and maybe damage it.

When you use a wheel drive gate automation system mounted on the end of the gate, there is no whipping of the gate as it moves. When the gate is fully closed, there would be an electric lock fitted to the end of the gate to keep it fasted securely shut. this lock will prevent any springing of the gate and also prevents anyone from simply pushing the gate open. The drawback of the wheel drive gate automation is that it relies on friction with the ground to move the gate. This means that if the wheel were in contact with gravel or loose ground, it would not be difficult to simply push the gate open. That is, unless you have an electric lock fitted to the gate.

An electric lock works in conjunction with the gate automation. It latches automatically when the gate shuts, and the gate automation releases the lock, just before it begins to move the gate.

A Wheel Drive Gate Automation System is also a solution where a ram won't suit (because the gate is mounted too far in on a pillar). An articulated arm won't work because there isn't room for the arms to open back, or an underground system cant be used because the gates are too low to the ground. It can also be helpful where the gates have to open back at 180 degrees and an underground gate automation system will not suit.

In summary, the Wheel Drive Gate Automation System is an unusual type and not very commonly used. But they are very reliable and a great solution for those difficult to automate gates, where nothing else will work.