Why do You need Electric Gates anyway?

On yesterdays post, I was introducing a series on the different types of electric gates.

However, a comment on the post asked me to elaborate on 'Why would I want electric gates?', and I suppose that's a perfectly good question - why would you?

Well, it depends entirely on your perspective.... Some people with be more security conscious than others, others concerned about safety. For other people, it will be a matter of convenience and another selection of people may possibly see it as adding status - maybe?

electric security gates

Automatic gates may be considered as a physical security measure

Lets begin with the use of automatic gates for security purposes. If you consider that a five or six foot high wrought iron gate, when closed, is a physical barrier to entry to your property. Someone can't simply wander up to your front door, or in around the back of your home, if an automated gate is closed. Although some systems will still allow a gate to be pushed, or forced open, all of the gate automation systems that we use, physically lock the gates in the closed position, and prevent the gates from being forced open.

If the gate automation system is set up to closed automatically, it will always be closed, unless you deliberately give it a command to remain open. this means that when you leave home in the morning, the gate will close securely, a few seconds after you pass through it.

If someone had the intention of 'snooping' around your home while you are away, they will now have to climb over the gate - which they are less likely to do, as they would be much more obvious doing so, than if they only had to walk through an open or manually operated gate. With this physical deterrent present on your drive, you are much less likely to be the victim of burglary or car theft, than your neighbours who don't have an automated gate. The opportunist burglar or car thief will simply choose an easier target. That may sound a little harsh, but better it happens to your neighbour than you...

Simply having gates, without the gate automation might seem to some as sufficient, but unfortunately, a manually operated gate will rarely be closed, and even if you were to make a habit of closing them each night and each morning when you leave - you would have to add a chain and lock to keep them securely closed. and on cold, dark, wet winter nights, are you going to keep up the practice of locking and unlocking them each time you pass through the gates?

The safety option then. Very often, it is parents with small children and pet dogs that feel that the installation of automatic gates brings great safety benefits to their lives. Many times, the parents of three and four year old children (often it's the boys) tell me that as soon as they pull the car into the drive, the children jump out and make a bee-line for the road/street. They have the electric gates installed, simply because they can have the gate close automatically when they pull into the drive, keeping the kids safe from the traffic on the road or street. Small children don't know that the road is dangerous - it just feels like fun to make a run for it and have you chase after them...

Looking at automatic gates from the convenience perspective - were you to be in the habit of getting out to open and close the gates manually, its a hassle. You pull your car up outside the closed gate, you stop the car, get out open the gates. Then get back in, start the car again and drive it into the driveway. then you walk back to close the gates before you can go into the house.... It's a lot of un-necessary hassle even in good weather - never mind when its a cold dark wet night or morning. In the wind a rain, do you really want to struggle with an umbrella in one hand, while trying to manage the gates with the other.... Wouldn't it just be so much easier to push a button???

Last but not least, there's the question of prestige (or maybe it's just about adding value to your home?). Lets say you live in a street where none of your neighbours have electric gates. Depending on your personality traits, you may want to be the 'Jones', and be the first in the street or on your road, to have electric gates. Maybe that brings with it bragging rights. That's not necessarily a bad thing - as everyone is different, and if that's what floats your boat, well go ahead. some people want to have the most impressive car, or the neatest looking freshly painted house - so why not have electric gates?

Maybe it's a matter of keeping up with the Jones? Your neighbours have them and you don't want to feel left out. It's exactly the same as car envy - whether that be a conscious action or unconscious - when a neighbour gets a nice new car and everyone passes remarks on how well it looks, maybe you start looking at your own in a different light? There would have to be just a little psychological pressure working on you if your neighbour open their gates at the push of a button and could drive in, warm and dry, while you wrestle with your own gates in the rain??


Everyone has their own reasons for having automatic gates installed. And there are also people who could give you their own reasons for not doing so too. For now though, i'll save my message for those who are thinking of going down the automation route - whether it's for safety, security, convenience or just making them feel good that they can!


Have a great day!