Wrought Iron Gates versus Wooden Gates

So, why would you choose to have wrought iron gates versus wooden gates installed?

For me it's got to be a personal preference decision. Boil down the pros and cons for each type and it's a question of privacy or low maintenance...

Wrought iron gates will typically require a certain level of maintenance. However, if the gates are hot-dip galvanised and polyester coated, when they are made, then they become maintenance free. We galvanise our gates to prevent them from rusting (preventing corrosion) and powder coat them (often black) to add the decorative painted finish. By doing this, the wire brush and paint brush is eliminated from your vocabulary - at least as far as your gates are concerned, anyway. This galvanising and powder coating of the gates, is especially advisable if you live close to the sea, when the corrosive effect of the salt in the air, would leave you with a lot less free time in your life....

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are low maintenance.

Painted Hardwood Gates

Painted hardwood gates provide security and privacy

The down side of wrought iron gates is that you can see through them - so nosey-parkers, outside, may stare blankly in at you and your family, while they wait outside for the bus (for example). Well mannered folks will naturally avert their gaze, if they were waiting outside, but I've had several customers tell me that people would stare in at them, while they and their children tried to enjoy a breakfast or dinner - making them feel like they were in a real-life episode of 'big brother'...

The way to counter such inebriate's is to have a solid hardwood gate installed, that is just high enough to pass eye level or higher. A solid wooden gate will provide a physical barrier to view as well a a physical barrier to entry. And it doesn't have to look like a big bland barrier either. There are many different features that can be incorporated into the design to make it's appearance easier on the eye, softer with a curved top, and generally attractive.

Your wooden gates may be stained and lacquered, to allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through, or if you prefer, you might choose to have them painted a particular colour. Maybe this would be to match the colour of the front door and windows - or maybe you just like the colour!

Where wrought iron gates can bring a "Stately" feel to an entrance, a hardwood gate certainly brings more than a touch of class.

However, hardwood gates bring with them the necessity to maintain them. Depending upon the harshness of the winters and the heat of the summers, this maintenance can be required as often as annually - though with milder winters, it's probably every two to three years. But you do need to look after them. And don't leave it too long. If the painted or lacquered finish gets very blistered looking, not only are you leaving yourself with much more preparation work to be done, before they can be r-coated, but there's a chance that water can penetrate into the timber and rot will begin. Like the old motto says, prevention is better than the cure!

Hopefully I've give you some fuel for your case if it comes down to a decision on wrought iron gates versus wooden gates.